Youth skits on dating

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Youth skits on dating

Includes 8 downloadable video sessions with a printable Study Guide.Finding Faith in the Dark Printable Study Guide (available for purchase HERE) Use this printable study guide along with the 8 Week Video Series for a complete experience as you read Laurie’s book and find encouragement to hold on to God when it’s hard to see Him.Below is a complete listing of the skits and plays I have produced for this site in the 12 years since starting it.These scripts have been performed by literally thousands of churches (at last estimate between 18,000-20,000) across the United States (in all 50 states) and many countries across the world.Each of the scripts have accompanying audio tracks that will enhance your performance.

One way to get ideas for your skit is to meet with your church members to discuss what they think would be a good idea for the skit.

Our site has been visited by nearly two million people, so you are in good company, and can rest assured that these scripts have been performed and enjoyed by many already (see our Testimonials Page for an incredible amount of amazing email reports).

Click on the skit title or banner above each synopsis to explore the script through a complete scene-by-scene description, with many sample pages.

Themes include family, peacemaking, evangelism, community, forgiveness, peer pressure, prayer, worship, media, music, godliness, friendship, school, faithfulness, words, dating, and much more!

Each skit includes scripture texts and discussion questions for youth Bible studies. Bully Bob – There’s a bully in the playground who’s been picking on Christians, but Little David is having none of it.

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– Philippians 2:1-4 Jesus Can Dance – It’s the Gospel story like you’ve never seen before.