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Validating jsp

We have created a JSP file "Date Validation.jsp", which is doing the whole working for us.

2) The execution modules can perform more context-sensitive checks. Point is, client-side validation should never be trusted.

Is there any ways read ..we are going to design a JSP level page then how to validate with in the page itself..example if the page containes a login id and password then it should validate in that page itself rather than going to and query or a POJO..reply it .is very urgent for me...

I'm trying to use frames and am having some problems with jsp's in the frames on Netscape 4.0. Http Servlet.service(Http at org.apache.jasper.servlet. Jsp Servlet$Jsp Servlet Wrapper.service(Jsp at org.apache.jasper.servlet. EL will be introduced in JSP 2.0 but, is only available inside the JSTL tags before that.

Date validation in JSP Example for validating date in a specified format in a JSP page This example illustrates how to use date validation in a JSP page.

We are using Java Script for validating JSP at client side so that it will take less time in validation rather than having validation at server side.

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on Submit="return validate Form()" event check validate Form() function in javascript, and if any field find blank it will throw error alert on browser.

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