Updating db from xml

Posted by / 16-Mar-2016 13:20

Updating db from xml

All the data required in the XML file, is available to me from a table in my database. Also, if your description is going to have HTML tags or markup, either encode it or send it as CDATA.

If the value is a list of values, the update statement replaces the old value with the list. It will ship with a version of this database, but I need to update it on a regular basis (most likely once a month).Typically I've been sending updates for other parts of my app as XML through a bunch of webservices I've set up, but this particular database I'm working on now is pretty large (about 20-30 MB), and I'm getting timeout errors when I try to send it that way.I have a javascript image gallery which is getting data from an XML file.Im in the process of building a backend function in order for someone else to easy update the gallery.

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ad 2) php has several libraries which will help creating xml files, for instance you mentioned simplexml - i use it from times to time and works fine.