Rowupdating specified method is not supported

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Rowupdating specified method is not supported

ASPx Data Updating Event Args e) 上面Grid_Row Updating方法中的代码不用理会,是我自己的调试代码,但需要注意的是,在三个方法中,代码e.

Hi all, I have a gridview that bound to a Sql Data Source called Sql Data Source Grid View.

的老师为大家介绍一下这方面的内容。 今天在使用Aspx Grid View自定义的update按钮事件的时候,总是报出"不支持所指定的方法"的错误,英文错误是"Specified method is not supported"。因为以前都没有用过Aspx Grid View自带的update,delete,addnew等方法,所以该问题一直都没有发现。 使用场景是这样的,使用Aspx Grid View自带的编辑数据功能,点击一个自定义按钮调用Start Edit()方法或Aspx Grid View自带的Edit按钮,出来了数据编辑窗口,编辑完数据后点击Update,就报出了不"支持所指定的方法"的错误 穿插一下,如果想要把按钮名"update","cancel"改成中文的,可以做如下设置: 继续回来,找了以前一个使用Data Source ID绑定Aspx Grid View的示例来看,发现在用Data Source ID绑定Aspx Grid View的时候,定义了Delete Method, Insert Method, Update Method三个方法,那我们使用自定义的方法是不是也必须同时定义这三个方法呢,经测试后确实如此。 代码如下: grid.

ASPx Data Updating Event Handler(grid_Row Updating); grid.

No "bridges", "gateways", or JNI adaptors are required.

Td Redux includes support for fastload, fastexport, multiload, PM/API (MONITOR), and Remote Console.

Each Connection object encapsulates an I/O object which handles most protocol details between the client and DBMS, and is shared by the other standard classes (Statement, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Database Meta Data, Result Set, etc.).

1) Handle the ASPx Grid View's Row Updating, Row Inserting, Row Deleting events;2) Prevent the ASPx Grid View from trying to process modifications itself;3) Delegate data modification operations to this additional data source.For a list of the supported versions, see System Requirements. Row Canceling Edit Event On Row Canceling Edit Grid View. I have an ASPx Grid View shown to the user with an edit command button.However the new value is never saved to the underlying datasource, in fact if I debug the Data Source Control's Execute Update method I see the updated value in the old Values collection and the values collection has the original value.This can be very easily implemented using the Linq Server Mode Data Source, in conjunction with a companion Data Source Control supporting data modification operations.

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The Row Updating event is raised when a row's Update button is clicked, but before the Grid View control updates the row.

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