Dating tiffany silver marks

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The following is a discussion of the major Canadian manufacturers of sterling silverware in the 20 century.Henry Birks & Company was established in Montreal in 1879 as a retail jeweller.century, most were in Montreal or Quebec City but there were also a number in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.These silversmiths generally had small shops, did most of their work by hand and produced goods in traditional English or French styles.Please look below at the difference between the font on a real piece of Tiffany jewelry and a fake piece.Real pieces Fake piece Also, keep in mind that Tiffany never made a "Return to Tiffany" heart toggle necklace.

The fake pieces seem to have an Arial Sans Serif font instead of Serif.

(For detailed information on 18 century the last of these small firms had been replaced by larger firms with mechanised factories that could produce much larger quantities.

The styles were still predominantly English but the influence of American silversmiths such as Gorham and Tiffany was starting to take hold and became stronger as the century advanced.

This thread is geared toward identifying the difference between real and fake "Return to Tiffany" pieces. Also, remember that there are sellers that will pull the "bait and switch" method - they display pictures of real jewelry and then send you a fake piece.

These items seem to be the most popular request of all Tiffany jewelry. There are NO other authorized retailers of Tiffany & Co, jewelry. **** There are NO TIFFANY WHOLESALERS OR TIFFANY OUTLETS! **** There ARE good deals on Ebay, you just have to be very careful. Or they have photos of a real piece and their fake piece in the same auction.

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In its pure elemental form, silver has a white metallic appearance.