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Dating lachenal concertinas

If you have a Wheatstone concertina and you can identify the serial number (it is normally on one end) then this list will tell you the year of manufacture.

Sometimes, if the label has been lost from the baffle in the older instruments, it can also be found stamped inside the bellows frame, in the treble-most slots of the reed pan, and on the reed-pan side of the action-box.

manufactured concertinas in two parallel series of serial numbers; Englishes and Duets were given numbers #3XXXX, and Anglos were given numbers #5XXXX.

During these 37 years Wheatstone manufactured about 2,129 Englishes and Duets, with serial numbers from about #34955 through #37083, and some 9,498 Anglos, with serial numbers from #50001 through #59498.

Geschichte Wheatstone Concertina Im Herbst 2015 habe ich mich in eine Concertina auf Ebay verguckt, habe sie gekauft und instand gesetzt.

Bellow appear good, box is very scuffed and worn generally, and lacking handle. This instrument comes with a receipt from Lachenal & Co dated 1928 specifying ' Retune, valve, clean reeds & new bellows' for which they charged £1/10/9d including postage, also sold with a Lachenal cardboard box.A major project has been started to try and create some sort of master list of Lachenal dates, by Chris Algar, Bob Gaskins, Randy Merris and Wes Williams. Send Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas (see section 9) a note or an email giving a brief description of your Lachenal concertina and its number.If you still have the original bill of sale or any other way of dating its purchase with certainty so much the better!Steel reeds, 6 new fold bellows, in excellent condition, concert pitch 2,000.No case but comes with original Sheffield United Football Club shop plastic bag and bubble wrap! A very nice clean Wheatstone 6 sided rosewood ends, 5 fold bellows, steel reeds, superb condition. Serial number 29335 made in 1922, concert pitch 2,000 and probably original leather case with original instructions.

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