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Asp net validating querystring

In mvc routing has a support for query strings in Route let’s have a look on.

You can implement various methods to pass information between Asp. Query String["field2"]; action redirect to the target page, you can retrieve posted values from the Form collection in the destination page. In the source page include a form element that contains a Text Box and a button control that post values when the form is submitted. It takes server memory, and the information is stored until the session expires, which can be more overhead than you want for simply passing information to the next page.These requests specified by the values following the ? This value may indicate an attempt to compromise the security of your application, such as a cross-site scripting attack.Let’s see some code starting with the “details” of the person: is the same, and there’s a bit of non-descript content rendering a the bottom.The subtle but important difference is the code that sets the currently selected person in the drop-down.

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In mvc we can pass query string with Optional Parameter and also without Optional Parameter. Name=sai&&Age=50 Query strings without Optional Parameters Home/index/1?

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